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My interest and fascination of medicine began as a child when I had two surgeries. It escalated after the birth of my first child. I entered my pregnancy with complete trust in my OB/GYN and ended it in disappointment. I realized I needed to gain knowledge from my unpleasant experience and set out to do just that. I have come to the realization that having a nurse willing to educate and be a patient advocate makes the best registered nurse. I have also learned that it is not in the best interest of the patient to be shunned by healthcare professionals for "asking too many questions." After ten years of traveling as a military spouse, reading a considerable amount of literature related to medicine and health, nursing children through childhood illnesses my desire to be a Registered Nurse grew. I am now settled and in a position where I can fulfill that dream.

I have been in the Nursing Program for two semesters and I am learning amazing things in class and hands on in the clinical setting. I have confirmed my decision and have never been happier. Thus far I have fallen in love with the operating room and pediatrics. I am looking forward to being an advocate for patients and filling the communication gap between doctor and patient. My excellent insight and caring for people allows me to be aware of patient needs. I want patients to leave their medical facility knowing they had the best care available to them and feel like they knew everything they should and had all of their questions answered. My strong leadership skills will enable me to educate patients and facilitate a better lifestyle. Patient outcomes will improve as I consider and anticipate patient fears and concerns. Patients deserve personal support, respect,