Therapeutic Touch: Nonverbal Interaction in the Nursing Field

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Therapeutic Touch

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Therapeutic Touch: Nonverbal Interaction in the Nursing Field

We have cell phones, voice mail, and E-mail to communicate quicker, and we get more done in a day than we ever thought possible. This is the Electronic Age-and it's somewhat killing us. There is more to communication than what is just said or typed. This is what makes phone calls and email the forms of communication most easily misinterpreted.

The problem is we are beginning to lose the face-face interactions. How much of what we remember from a conversation is the exact words spoken to us? Is it our interpretation of the idea from the speaker's actions, voice influctuations, and other nonverbal forms of communication? Physical interaction with our environment and those we communicate with play a large role in the things we do in life.

When talking with others we sometimes feel as if we should only be so close, or far away from one another. Who taught this to us in the first place? We sometimes touch one another when communicating, and sometimes we do not. How important is the correlation between verbal and nonverbal communication in getting our points across? Do they both necessarily need to coexist? Between two people, or groups of people, there is a certain level of comfort or professionalism. Depending...