How can we remove the causes of hunger in the world today?

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Prior to removing the causes of hunger in the world there is a step needed to identify the causes. Hunger is brought about by a number of reasons, the chief of which is poverty. Another reason is lack of land and other resources like water and lack of knowledge as to what to do to eradicate hunger by making best use of available resources, over popula¬tion and finally by people being too conservative as to what they eat.

The causes of hunger in the world will be removed almost immediately if not for the barriers that exist between people and countries. It is shocking to hear that in one part of the world farmers burn their crops and kill their livestock - in order to get high market prices for their produce, while in another part of the world people are starving to death. It seems so obvious that the part with abundance should support the part with lack.

Yet, sadly, this does not happen.

Different types of resources are available in different parts of the world. In the Middle East countries they have oil which is in demand through¬out the world. In South America they have jungle. Since the world wants oil, the oil producing countries - though they do little farming - will always be rich and not go hungry. But the peoples of South America cannot export their jungle. Jungle produce does not bring enough riches. So what do the people do, they cut down the jungle to farm the land. Then the world protests, because destruction of the jungle will prevent rain eventually causing problems all over. What a dilemma for the peo¬ple to be in! They cannot cut it and they cannot destroy it and they do not have enough land to farm. A way...