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What is Canada? Canada, Diversity from Coast to Coast Canada, Stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, is incredible in size, and has and impressive economical and political structure. Canada Consists of a complex tiered democratic government, which is divided among 10 provinces, with the head located in Ottawa Ontario. Born in 1867, Canada is relatively young as a country, but still wields an interesting cultural and historical background. Canada has an extremely diverse culture, with 2 official languages.

Canada is a huge country, the second largest in the world, and quite intimidating. Although Canada is so huge, it has a rather small population clumped along the US/Canadian border. Consisting of 10 provinces and 3 territories, Canada is not only divided by political boundaries, but by physical and cultural boundaries. The great Rockies separate B.C. from Alberta, and the French way of life separates Quebec from the rest of the country.

Much of Canada is rugged wilderness, providing Canada with its major source of income, natural resources. Canada has a large diverse pool of resources at its disposal. B.C. provides the country with forest products, Alberta provides natural gas, Saskatchewan provides wheat, and Ontario is the biggest manufacturer in Canada.

Canada has one of the widest varieties of physical attributes. The west coast is mountainous; the Prairie Provinces are flat grasslands. The Canadian Shield is rugged and scattered with lakes, and the Maritimes are different altogether with highlands, hills and plains.

There is no single way to define Canada. Canada is what you make of it, whether you base it on cultural, economical, physical or political properties. As long as you can understand the greatness and diversity of Canada, then you know what Canada is. This alone makes up a huge part of why Canada is so unique.