Canada declares War on Germany!

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Yesterday, Canada has declared war on Germany in the town of Ypres, Belgium.

It all happened when Britain supported Belgium and got Canada involved because Canada is a part of Britain. The important sequential events are: Britain is called to protect Belgium, and Canada, as part of British Empire is involved.

Basically, this war has started with an assassination of the Austria's archduke. It is caused by this new rivalry between the alliance and entente; and a promise made by Britain to Belgium with the proof of the treaty.

The war was declared yesterday, February 4, 1915. At 2:30 pm yesterday, Prime Minister Robert Borden declared this war as a result of Canada being part of Britain. The Canadian division has already started its journey to Ypres, Belgium. Once they are there, they will join the French-Algerian troops. The troops do not know what to expect.

A brave soldier, Martin Anderson says "I was born in this country, and I will die for it."

Prime Minister Borden says "Canada is proud of its nationalism and imperialism and will be proud if we achieve this first victory."

It all began in 1914, when a Serbian terrorist, Gavrillo Princip, member of the "Black Hand", assassinated Austria's archduke. Austria is part of the "Triple Alliance" and had allies of Germany and Italy; on the other hand, Serbia is part of the "Triple Entente" including Russia, France, and Britain. Russia supported Serbia. Germany supported Austria, so Germany declared war on Russia. Meanwhile, France declared war on Germany, and Germany decided to fight back. As Germany has planned to invade Belgium, a treaty allowed Belgium to call upon Britain to protect it. As Britain is involved, Canada, as part of British Empire, is automatically at war.

Canada plans to use its weaponry and...