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The Canadian Security Intelligence Service, formally known as CSIS, was created by the Act to Establish the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). CSIS was created to replace the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Security Service. CSIS was important to Canadian history, because it helped protect the people in Canada while they were going through some difficult times in 1984. CSIS officers don’t work outside of the Canadian borders, and some CSIS officers can make arrangements to exchange information (security related) with other countries. CSIS uses a large variety of techniques to monitor individuals or large groups of people whose actions are thought of constituting a hazard to national security. The government set up a 12-member Dominion Police force in 1868 that was in charge of guarding public buildings and carrying out the prior duties of the Western Frontier law enforcement.

Security screening is almost the main responsibility of CSIS.

The program aims to prevent non-Canadians who cause security concerns from joining or receiving permanent housing in the country. Security screening also is used to prevent anyone who seems to be a security concern from getting access to insightful government property, locations or information. This Program is one of the most noticeable functions undertaken by CSIS. In December, 2001 budget, the Canadian Government announced that over the next five years there will be important increases in funding for CSIS. A lot of this enlarged budget has been earmarked towards government and immigration screening programs.

The condition of security advice in immigration and citizenship matters is vital to countering imported threats to the security of Canada. This program helps as a first line of defence next to those who try to enter the country to damage Canadian security. Over the year 2003-2004, the Service got around 44,907 requests for Immigration Screening...