Canon strategic analysis case study (resource based view)

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Modeling in the Real World

Decision Analysis Project


Design a quantitative analysis approach according to the five-step description as in Taylor's/ Render's text book. Choose one of the problems you encounter in your work environment to do this analysis. For that purpose, you can apply any of the techniques that are covered in this course. The framework or guideline for your report is as given below. You may use artificial data/information in order for your analysis to look real. You have to describe the solution approach and solve the problem till the end.

The Problem: Please Give Your Own Suitable Title


1.1 Background of the problem (general to specific)

1.2 Concerns/challenges currently faced

1.3 Motivation of the study/Problem statement

Problem Definition

2.1 Objective of the study

2.2 Specific description of the problem

2.3 Scope of the study

Model Construction

The technique used

The objective function (if there is)

The constraints/criteria involved

Implementation and results

4.1 Detailed presentation of data/information

4.2 Results or findings

4.3 Evaluation of the results


Advantages and disadvantages of the technique used

Benefits of the usage/application to the beneficiaries



Future work