Capital Punishment.

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The highly controversial issue of capital punishment is seen in today's society as an inhumane form of punishment for certain serious offenders. Over the years, when capital punishment was active in Australia, many issues arose. The main point of issue was considering whether or not it was too extreme to take the life of a serious offender, rather then lock them away in prison for life. The idea in focus is whether or not Australia's current society would benefit from the re-introduction of capital punishment into its current legislation.

When capital punishment was operating in societies around the world, it raised the most controversial opinions about human rights. Since then, divided opinions have seen the abolishment of the death penalty in most countries around the world. Only eighty-three countries still retain the death penalty. The death penalty is still in use in some states in America but was abolished in Australia in 1985 after many years of use.

The last official use of the death penalty in Australia was in Victoria on February 3 1967. The rates of crimes committed during the period where the death penalty was active were noted, as were the crime rates when the death penalty was not active. This was done to attempt to justify the use of capital punishment. Whilst the death penalty was in use, there was not significant proof that it reduced the number of homicides in Australia. Also, whilst the death penalty was active, the main point of issue that arose was that whether or not it was too extreme to take the life of a serious offender rather then lock them up for a long period of time. The purpose of this is to show the effects, both positive and negative of capital punishment on Australian society. Since,