The Car Culture

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LA car culture is not all hard tops, soft bodies, and checkered flags; a serious problem is looming around the fact that just too many cars are in LA.

Don't get me wrong; cars are completely fun entertainment at a car show. People come from all around to look an enjoy the cars on display. There, you can expect to see new models: trucks, vans, SUVs, CUVs, concept cars and hybrids. There, everyone can have a chance to enjoy the atmosphere, even with the wild car clubs that show up touting loudspeaker systems and hydraulic suspension systems that can send a small two door car fifteen inches into the air. Overall, everyone at the show gets the opportunity to see up-close all those high priced cars and foreign models, he or she doesn't see on the everyday commute. Best of all, everyone can gets to take a picture next to their favorite car-say cheese.

But lets be honest, cars are fun to drive; racing is thrilling-its definitely more extreme than a car show. Racing means starting at 0mph and putting the petal to the the metal of the floor of your car and following these steps races well surpass 200mph. On looker cheer from the safety of the stands but accidents do happen. According to NASCAR's website millions of dollars are spend alone on beer. Some say it makes sense, how else but drunk could anyone enjoy lap after lap of roaring engines and crowds, watching glittering paint jobs, and cars screaming around at near blinding speeds-racing is begging to be a fun event. Imagine driving at race car speeds, I could drive from the La Brea Tar Pits at Hancock part on Wilshire Blvd to AVC in just over twenty minutes ( that, I'd never be late for...