A Career in Accountancy

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Table of ContentsResults3Various types of work performed in firms of Accountants such as Nicholsons3Various types of work performed by Accountants other than working for firms of Accountants3Why do different Accountants have different accountancy qualifications?4Why does accountancy look like an attractive career?5Suggestions on how to make getting a job easier after graduation5Conclusion6Recommendations6Appendix7Item A7Item B9Item C9References10Bibliography10Aims and ObjectivesThe Purpose of this report is to work in groups to research and investigate many aspects of Accountancy as a career. This is so that the students can understand the work Accountants do and what they will likely be doing in the future as a career. It is also intended to provide understanding of how to use the various sources of reference available to the students as well as how to write reports in the proper format and how to use the Harvard Reference System. A copy of the assignment brief is in the Appendix (see item A).

MethodologyThe research for this report was compiled using a variety of textbooks and online resources all of which are detailed in the reference section. The research was carried out during meetings at the University Library where the appropriate material was selected. We used predominantly the internet as a resource as it was by far the most readily available and vast resource.

ResultsVarious types of work performed in firms of Accountants such as NicholsonsAccountancy forms such as Nicholsons deal with many aspects of accounting and its implications, they summarise these on their website as Accountancy and Finance and Consulting. http://www.nicholsonsca.co.uk/Services.aspx [accessed 5th October 2006]They break these services down more generally by stating that their Accountancy and Finance Team deal with the financial side of the business preparing book-keeping, financial reports such as the income statement and tax as well as meeting regularly with clients to discuss progress and...