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My future career goal is to become an FBI detective. I would like to pursue this career because I am interested in solving problems and working with people. I choose this career because I want to help solve crimes and make the world a better and safer place to live. In doing this, I will have to work with other people and listen to their thoughts and concerns before I make a life long decision. I believe I would successful in this field because I am good at working with other people and putting ideas together to make the final puzzle complete. So far I have not had any personal experience because one of the requirements to ride along with a police officer or detective for a day is having to be eighteen. Hopefully soon I will be right next to a real detective to share the experience that will launch my career.

The working conditions to be a detective are very different depending on where the location. The main office where a detective may study a case or try to figure out "who did what" is mainly where they work. When a detective is out on call for a murder scene or a robbery, they have to work in rain, snow, or bright sunshine. Depending on where the boss wants the detective to go could end up being pretty neat. Detectives sometimes get called out to different states if they are really good and can help in some areas where others need assistance. Being a detective has many personal qualities you need to progress in before you can become an agent.

Having physical endurance, being repetitious, and motivation are the main personal qualities detectives need to have to be successful. Detectives are up for days straight trying to figure...