Careers in Chemistry: Forensics - Crime Scene Investigation

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During my exploration of the different fields of chemistry and the different types of careers in each expertise, I learned a lot about the different kinds of degrees needed to get into a certain filed and what type of things I would be doing. Not a lot of the websites gave me an estimate of how much the salary was but they did provide information of what type of person they are looking for. This Project was very informative for people wanting to explore different jobs in chemistry. My project is focused on the Forensics science with the Massachusetts State Police.

The Massachusetts State Police was created in 1865, making it the oldest statewide law enforcement agency in the nation. "Today, we are comprised of 2,300 highly trained and motivated sworn officers and 400 civilian personnel who are dedicated to serve the citizens of the Commonwealth" . As the principal statewide law enforcement agency in the Commonwealth, the Massachusetts State Police is dedicated to providing quality policing directed at achieving safer roadways and reducing crime through investigations, education and patrol services and by providing leadership and resources during natural disasters, civil disorders and critical incidents.

They Provide law enforcement agencies with forensic services used in criminal investigations.

Some degrees needed to get into this field are biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and pharmacology. Education includes Bachelor's degree in Biology and Master's degree in Forensic Chemistry.

Some chemistry skills needed are ability to understand chemical reactions, make solutions, and to identify chemicals and compounds. The specific fields of chemistry are a combination of organic, inorganic, physical chemistry. They also do a lot in testing, blood, saliva, semen, hairs, fibers, and paint. You need a good knowledge of laboratory instrumentation, public speaking skills, and good writing skills. They want people committed to perform...