THis is about Carole Maso's The Art Lover, I discuss her different style and techniques.

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While reading The Art Lover by Carole Maso, I found her to be quite different in some ways but also similar in others to the writers that we have read. Maso changed the literary tradition by having no set story in her novel. When reading her novel you go to a family then all of a sudden it switches to her fathers death. This kind of writing is very different then some of the novels and poems we have read. I will attempt to state why Maso is similar to the other writers, who is she different from her and find a place for Maso historically with the different authors.

In the Art Lover so much goes on, from death to the abandonment of children and a mother. When she lost her mother to suicide when she was a young girl, to a recently deceased father and her best friend dying of AIDS.

The way she writes is more like poetry then a novel. If she is like any other writers we have discussed, I think she was closers to Sylvia Plath's style of writing. She never actually says what she means as Maso does the same. Instead of saying I am writing about my deceased father and writing a whole new book at the same time. Also Plath paints a picture in our minds about what she is feeling, while Maso is also very descriptive in her thoughts and ideas, she also gives you pictures in the book that make you think about what was just said. Both of them are pretty similar due to that fact that they are very descriptive and they don't actually let you know exactly what's going on.

The Art Lover is very depressing when u think about it, there isn't much hope...