Carteret County the Original Crystal Coast

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Carteret County is a coastal county that lies at the southeast point of North Carolina. The county is known for its historic sites and its local tourism and fishing industries. While many people visit this county each year few have fully explored its vast resources or any thing this county has to offer. Because of the amount of public accessible beaches few tourist venture inland to further gain insight about the historical values of this rich county. Waterways run through the county which historically provided transportation of goods and services inland. Now bridges and roads take role as the main transportation lines. Because this county is among the oldest in the state, county history dates back to 1722, when the currency was pounds and shillings. To further investigate the history of this county and understand the counties relevance several aspects will be discussed: geographic location, forest resources, major industries, historically important or interesting people, and the origin of the cultural make-up of this county.

Geographic LocationCarteret County is located directly on the east coast of N.C. and is surrounded mostly by water on the east and southern coast. The county is connected to Craven County to the North and Jones and Onslow to the West. The county is roughly 520 square miles of land and 820 square miles of water. Most of the soil on this land is split between several different types of sands and loams; this is so because much of the land is considered swampland or marshland. The general landscape is flat giving rise to the name “the coastal plain”. Many rivers flow up from the sounds and bays that surround half of this county, these played an important part in the development of this county which will be discussed in depth later. The main rivers are...