Cartoons Depicting Muhammad

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Everyone has their rights, rights that even the government cannot take away. These rights include the freedom of speech, freedom of the press and so on. Overtime these rights start getting abused for various causes. Such as the case of the cartoons that depict Prophet Muhammad as a terrorist. Cartoons that depicted Prophet Muhammad were controversial and very offensive too many Muslims because it promoted a stereotype, it degraded religion, and it abused freedom of expression.

Stereotypes are all over society and most of those stereotypes are funny but when you bring in a religious figure, worshipped by many and use him to portray the stereotype, that's going to far. In one of the Danish cartoons, it showed Prophet Muhammad in a turban but the turban was shaped as a bomb. First of all the cartoon is prejudice towards Muslims and it implies that Muslims we're taught only about violence by the Prophet.

Not all terrorists are Muslims, and those who do use the word of Islam for terrorism do it on their own terms The Koran says "You shall resort to pardon, advocate tolerance and disregard the ignorant." Islam is a religion of peace and justice, the Koran does not even affiliate itself with such acts involving terrorism or resorting to violence, so how can acts of others put blame on Islam. In creating this stereotype of all Muslims being terrorists is pretty offensive but there are all kinds of stereotypes offensive to all religions, cultures, and races but bringing in a religious icon is below the belt.

Jokes are funny but when you bring in something sacred such as a religious figure and use him to get a cheap laugh, that's going to far. The cartoons degraded Islam by degrading the founder of Islam by using him to...