Islam In the U.S and the current stats

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Islam in the U.S

Considering the most recent events of September 11th I thought it would be only fitting to address the religion of Islam and write something that would help people to achieve a better understanding of Islam.

First of all Islam means "peace" in loose translation. Although it's frequently translated as "submission" or "surrender". A more accurate translation of Islam would be "peace through willing obedience to allahs fine guidance".

New York is the U.S city with the highest proportion of Muslims. It has .80% of the U.S Muslims. The population of both California and New Jersey are both 60% Muslim. Illinois,Massachusetts,Ohio,Rhode Island follow with Muslim populations of .40%. Many of these Muslims are not Arab and many Arabs are not Muslim. Only .20% of Muslims in the u.s are Arab. To put it another way, a muslim is a person who follows Islam, an Arab is person from a certain geographic location.

According to the Quran men are allowed four wives but only if a husband gives each wife equal attention,a condition most Muslims say say is impossible to achieve. This practice is not accepted as widely as in the U.S as other countries.

For Muslim living in the U.S and other countries there are still five basic rules that outline the believers duties called pillars. They are: Shahada: the Muslim declaration of faith: "There is no God but God, and Mohammed is the messenger of God."

Salat: the prayers that Muslims must perform in the direction of Mecca five times daily as it says in the Quran.

Sawm: the daily fast performed during the month of Ramadan in the Muslim calendar.

Zakat: almsgiving; requires Muslims to give a fixed portion of their annual income to the poor and charitable causes.

The Hajj: the pilgrimage...