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The Koran, the most influential piece of Arabic writing

the people of the Islamic world are the five pillars of Islam. It contains the fiveduties that each Muslim follows to get closer to their salvation. In addition to the Koranstating to follow the five ... re to be offered in a mosque but if they can't they can pray as anindividual outside of the mosque. Muslims are encouraged to offer them after midnightand that is called tahajjud. Before each of the p ...

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Book Review, "Pelagious and the Fifth Crusade" by Donovan

ian would see the need to support the church in its aim to take back the Holy Land from the dreaded Muslim interlopers and establish it as the center of Christianity. If everyone had this same goal th ... sh it as the center of Christianity. If everyone had this same goal throughout Europe how could the Muslims stand against the might of a united Europe? Fortunately for them, they didn't have to. Histo ...

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enslaved again, at least not if they can help it.To many of us non Jews, whether it be Christian or Muslim or whatever, I think it is taken in a much more broader light. We see that the total destruct ... hat it won't happen to the Jews, the countries who are buying the nuclear weapons consist of mostly muslim populations who have an oath to anialate the Jews and take back there homeland (what they con ...

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Islam: The true religion

e.The very esscence of islam is prayer as it is an unique relationship with Allah. One can not be a Muslim without belief (iman) in Allah, his book: the Quran and the hereafter. Charity is also a very ... should not be greedy and that one should donate 2.5% of their annual earnings. Fasting is part of a muslims life for one month a year as it teaches one to not take things for granted and to appreciate ...

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War Situation: War against Iraq, or a war against Islam?

rmoil of the Middle East. The major concern is that this new American campaign can cause widespread Muslim anger, and possibly fuel even more terrorism. The fear has been aroused by calls for an Islam ... ' aims are noble, but it is quite possible that those aims can be seen as dubious by many Arabs and Muslims, who have long despised the United States control over the Middle East by supporting Israel. ...

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Mecca and the history of Islam and the Ka'aba.

bably think exactly that. Who could blame them? It's not like every other person here in America is Muslim. But, that's a whole discussion in itself. But, everyone ought to a know a little bit about l ... *) in 610 AD. (Stories from Early Islam, 13-18) Islam is regarded as a major religion of the world. Muslims are those who believe in the religion of Islam. The number of Muslims has been increasing by ...

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A mock newspaper article about Ghandi which describes his basic achievements.

gust 1947, Britain granted India independence. The newly liberated landmass has been divided into a Muslim Pakistan and a Hindu India. Not only has this man accomplished what was once thought to be im ... icipate in Indian politics. Instead he tried to end untouchability and animosity between Hindus and Muslims. Gandhi was once again considered a thing of the past, and once again, he would set about to ...

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"The history of Islam"

the author simplifies it with so many pictures. The reason why I picked this book is because I am a Muslim and I thought this might be an easy and interesting subject to write my book report on, plus ... ives up one's will to the only true god who's worthy of worship Allah and anyone who does that is a Muslim. The word also indicates Peace, which is the consequence of total agreement to the will of Al ...

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"Terror Experienced Abroad: An American Student Studies in Muslim Kenya," This is about terrorism.

e US for our semester abroad on the Islamic coast of Kenya. Mombasa, our host city is predominantly Muslim, as is much of the East African coast. While only seven percent of Kenya's population is Musl ... nts who had not known each other two weeks ago, trying to process these events as Americans in this Muslim living room, thousands of miles from home.As we viewed the same footage of the collapsing tow ...

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Introduction to Islam.

med is morally capricious; he declares what is good or evil, and his declaration makes it true. The Muslim has no assurance of what it takes to please Allah and be welcomed into eternal paradise. The ... to please Allah and be welcomed into eternal paradise. The word Islam means submission to God, and Muslim means one who submits.HistoryIslam rose to prominence around the seventh century around Mecca ...

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A paper on mother teresa for philosophy class.

s seen as equal before God. I have always said that we should help a Hindu become a better Hindu, a Muslim become a better Muslim, a Catholic become a better Catholic."(Mother Teresa) Mother Teresa wa ... ainthood. The previous year in Calcutta marking Mother Teresa's birth anniversary, Hindu, Sikh, and Muslim admirers joined for a common prayer in speeding up her canonization process.Her follower have ...

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Discuss the Main Problems between the Sunni and Shi'i Islam.

Islamic law contains rules and guidelines for all aspects of a Muslim's life, such as how to pray, the proper way to conduct a business transaction, how to bury th ... custom of the Prophet Muhammad. These clear principles were applied to new circumstances that later Muslims encountered. Over the course of a few centuries the ways in which these principles or custom ... al interpretations of power and authority, the crucial concepts in political theory.In essence each Muslim believes in the Islamic ideal. To a non-Muslim it would seem that there is one monolithic fai ...

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Present Day McCarthyism.

n was fired for his beliefs and his way of trying to get American scholars to learn the ways of the Muslim people. This is only one example of McCarthyism there are a lot more.A woman named Donna Huan ... student teacher for his lesson and the questions he asked. He wanted the class to do a paper on the Muslim Islamic civilizations. The first class he tested his lesson on went fine nothing too much to ...

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"How I started wearing the Hijab" the title basically explains's an essay about how I started wearing the hijab.

en telling me a lot about the hijab, headscarf, and why it was so important to wear it, if you were Muslim that is. I was slowly accepting the idea of having to always wear the hijab, but I was still ... ijab, but I was still a bit unsure about how everyone would react at school. I was already the only Muslim at school, you could tell from my dark skin tone and looks that I was from some foreign count ...

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ALBANIA-Listing characteristics from A to Z

worn in many rural and upland areas, especially among women.BELIEFWith 70 percent of its population Muslim, Albania is Europe's only predominantly Islamic state. Orthodox Christians, living mostly in ... sent-day stanbul) as a hostage when the Ottoman Turks began to occupy Albania. He was educated as a Muslim and enlisted in the Turkish army. His military skill earned him favor with the sultan, and he ...

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A poem written about Margaret Attwood's book A Handmaids Tail. This is shaped like a burning cross and should be viewed by the attached file :)

s the light extend to those who are different are we wrong- is baptist synonymous with evil- does a muslim deserve to die- the eyes are closed- the public gropes in the dark repressed by their willing ...

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t times. As one moves further through history, the lowly condition of the Jews under Roman and then Muslim subjugation is evidence of anti-semantic thought in those societies. And in modern times, ant ...

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uage is Arabic. In Arabic the word Islam means peace or submission. A follower of Islam is called a Muslim, which in Arabic means to a person who submits himself or herself to the will of God. Islam w ... God. Islam was founded on 622 A.D it is say that Muhammad the prophet found it, but there are some Muslims that believe that Islam existed before. Islam in still growing and fast is expected to becom ...

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An essay on socialism with basic history and overview of different types of socialism including marxism, anarchism, and utopian societies

went on faith. Socialism in a sense was a new religion spread more quickly and effectively than the Muslim conquerors and fell within 100 years. However, it still has many followers around the world w ...

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Is canada in danger of breaking apart or civil war?

language and religion. Slovenes and Croats are Roman Catholic, Serbs Eastern Orthodox, and Bosnians Muslim. It was these differences in religions that acted as the basis for their separation. Yugoslav ... (Anglican, Baptist, United, Pentecostal, Protestant, etc.) do not have such extreme differences as Muslim, Catholic and Eastern Orthodox. Language cultural differences are more intensely different, a ...

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