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Case Study: The Case of Capricorn Consulting, Inc.

Human Resource IssuesCase Study: The Case of Capricorn Consulting, Inc.

Section 1: ProblemSection 2: Causes/IssuesSection 3: AlternativesSection 4: AnalysisSection 5: Select/ImplementSection 1ProblemDiscrimination in the Work Environment is any time a person or group is discriminated upon based on injustice, based on their membership of a social group, it causes discrimination. Such causes usually include having a predetermined view on someone because of nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, race, religion and disability. Inappropriate comments and behavior may be a symptom of larger issues and could result in an expensive lawsuit for the organization. Examples of Adam Capricorn's inappropriate behavior is; 1. calling Monique, who works as the vice president of sales' administrative assistant, "Honey", 2. when Asian topics surface during discussions, the word "Chink" is tossed out freely, and 3. Certain individual in the office referring to Marcus, who is one of eight African Americans in the firm, as "slave labor" for the organization.

Section 2Causes/IssuesCapricorn Consulting, Inc. recruitment and selection process does not have procedures and policies for equal opportunity or discrimination in place. No plans exist for procedures and policies be put in place in the near future. The owner of the company, Adam Capricorn has unorthodox approaches to managing the business, and Capricorn's people skills may need some attention. The executive staff, all white males in their thirties and forties, have started emulating Capricorn in their behavior around the office. Capricorn Consulting, Inc. does not have all the strict policies and procedures that other companies have. Described as small and flexible. Adam Capricorn said, "the loose environment we foster provides opportunities for cre¬ativity".

Adam Capricorn hired me as the HR manager for Capricorn Consulting, Inc. and I have been in this posi¬tion only three months. Adam Capricorn made the...