Cause And Effects Of Alcohol

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Alcohol interferes with messages to a person's brain and alter their emotions, vision, hearing, and coordination.

Alcohol and drugs affect a person's judgement and can lead to dangerous behavior that can put his or her life at risk. Alcohol can affect a person's well- being, health, and life.

However, accidental injuries are one of the major effects of alcohol. More than half of drownings and fatal falls are alcohol. Forty-five percentof emergency room visits are alcohol-related. Eighty percent of patients in special units like burn centers have injuries related to alcohol use. Half of all physical injuries sustained on college campuses start from alcohol use. Drunk driving is not only unsafe, but it's illegal. Even small amounts of alcohol make driving unsafe. Even a blood alcohol level of .05%, which is less than most states legal limit, makes a person twice as likely to have a car crash. Almost half of all fatal auto crashes are alcohol or drug related. Drinking...