Cause of racism.

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Through out the centuries, people have been fighting racism for a long

time, but it still exists in every society. There are various reasons that cause racism. The

three main factors are racial feature, racial hatred and hierarchy.

During the World War Two, more than 20 countries involved, million of dollars had been spend, and million of people suffered because of German's ethnocentricity. Nazi Germany thought their culture is superior to others. As a result, they invaded other countries, killed other people, and destroyed other cultural relic. At the end, they lost the war because they did not realize that they fought with the whole world. Form the history, we shall learn that no culture is better than another's and there is no need to destroy any culture. We should not judge one's culture base on one's subjective perception, but try to understand what other people's belief is. During the last 30 years, much of the attention has focused on colour discrimination.

For example, during the 70's in Unite States, the black Americans were treated badly. The black could not go to certain shops, have certain jobs, and live in certain areas simply because they are black. But they stood up united and fought for their rights. Finally, they won their rights. Now, colour racism gradually reduced, but people of colour are often hurt by judgments or actions that are directly or indirectly related to racist. This should be stopped since the world needs all kinds of people.

Racial hatred is caused by the actions that a nation did to another nation. For example, The Afghanistani terrorists destroyed twin towers and killed thousands of innocent people. As a consequence, the Americans bombed Afghanistan and overthrew Taliban. If the hatred between two nations is not stopped, there will be more innocent...