Causes of Job's Suffering

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Causes of Job's Suffering

Jennifer E. Mikka

Ashford University

Religion 250: Judeo-Christian Thought

Eric Coker

May 20, 2007


Causes of Job's Suffering

The story of Job in the Bible has been used throughout time in order to show the perseverance of a faithful heart even under turmoil. According to Dailey in Interpretation, one could view the story of Job is a "tale of virtual faith in which the irreverent spirituality of Job is expressed with such literary artistry as to make him an "icon"," (Dailey, 1999). Job became an "icon" because he had everything and even when he lost it all, he remained faithful in his heart. In this story, Job suffers more than most people can phantom. However, one has to inquire about the reasons behind Job's suffering. After research, I have concluded that there are two theories to the reason for Job's suffering.

One is fear, which is stated by Job himself in Job 3:25-26. The other depicts a gambling God who uses Job in a wager. This essay will tell the story of Job and weigh both sides of the debate in order to show that there is truth to both sides of the story.

The story of Job began with a man that was true in heart and worshipped and loved the Lord daily. According to, "He (Job) was a just and good man, who always strove to please God throughout his life. The Lord rewarded him for his piety with great wealth," (, n.d.). In return for Job's outstanding character, Job wanted for nothing. Job had a family of seven sons and three daughters. All of his children were grown and had families of their own. Job had livestock, which was considered wealth...