Finding Motivation For Ministry In the Words of the Apostle Paul

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Motivations for MinistryThere has never been a Christian leader as influential as the Apostle Paul. His ministry has touched millions of lives and is still impacting people today. Preachers throughout the world use his blessed words to bring sinners to repentance. His letters lay out many of the fundamental doctrines of the Church.

The impact of Paul's ministry and his commitment to it, are things only dreamed about by most Christians. His powerful sermons have resulted in the salvation of thousands. His missionary journeys led him throughout the world. Many of Paul's writings found their way into the New Testament. In fact, Paul is responsible for more books in the Bible than any other writer. Despite Paul's many great accomplishments, we must not visualize his ministry as smooth sailing. He had to deal with many difficult things. Many times he was forced to visit a church that had gone astray.

He was whipped, jailed, and persecuted countless numbers of times because of his ministry.

Yet, somehow despite all of these troubles, Paul managed to continue. In a world filled with divorce, people stand in awe of the way Paul kept his wedding vows with the Lord. In a world characterized by broken homes, suicides, and runaways, Paul's attitude of never giving up seems almost unbelievable.

How was Paul able to stay committed through all of his hardships? Christians have watched pastor after pastor leaving the ministry. They have felt the temptation to give up. They beg to know Paul's secret.

Paul himself no doubt knew of the difficulties we would face. For this reason, he has left us his motivations for ministry. The very keys to his amazing commitment can be found surprisingly, in Second Corinthians which is one of his most depressing letters.

The first motivation we find...