Causes of the Russian Revolution.

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During the reign of the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas, the Russian Revolution broke out. It is a revolution which changed the lives of many and left alone a few. Even the ruling class which had ruled over Russia for centuries can't escape from the changes. People are repressed for years and are trying to find a way to escape and the only solution is to rebel. There are big and small events, all reasons which led to the outbreak of the Russian Revolution, but most important of them all is the idea of Marxism. The Tsar himself did not care about his people so he doesn't' know what they are doing. Events from the last ten years before the revolution and events from the last few weeks before the revolution broke out.

Communist of the time, decided to risk their lives, and go against the Tsar after reading the writings of Karl Marx. Marxism, Marx's idea of communism, was the foundation of many communist parties. The Bolsheviks are one of them. It is a communist party which fulfilled the wishes of many. Their first leader, Lenin, read the writings of Karl Marx and followed the idea of Marxism. He explained and encouraged the people of his nations to join together with him. His encouragement wouldn't have worked our so well if it wasn't for the conditions at Russia at the time. His two great partners, Trotsky and Stalin, organized everything nicely and participated in each activity.After each encouragement, more people decided to risk and join and after years or speech giving and people joining, the Bolsheviks are full of supporters and they are all desperate to taste the feeling of freedom.

Under the rule of the Tsar, nobody had freedom and they are all repressed. Anyone...