The Causes of the Russian Revolution

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The Russian Revolution in 1905 was important in Russian History. The Economic problems, the Russo-Japanese war, and problems with the Czar Nicholas II were the major causes of the Russian Revolution.

After the Russo-Japanese War ended, economic problems in Russia started to kick in. The Russian armies suffered a number of defeats in the battlefields because they were poorly trained, badly-armed, and ill-equipped. The food supply decreased and the soldiers went hungry and did not have proper equipment, such as shoes or even weapons. Famine swept the Russian military forces which further threatened their defeat. Back in Russia, transportation started to break down and the bread prices skyrocketed. Many peasants were demanding land and were paying high taxes, which caused them to revolt against the government. The industries in Russia were falling apart and also were horrible living conditions for the workers.

The Russo-Japanese War started because of the rivalry between Russia and Japan for control in Korea and Manchuria.

Also, Russia wanted domination of Far East Asia for trade, influence, and territory that Japan owned. In 1898 Russia pressured China into granting them the port of Port Arthur in southern Manchuria. Port Arthur became a major naval base for the Russians. Japan needed control of the sea in order to fight a war on the mainland, so Japan needed to neutralize the Russian troops at Port Arthur. On February 8 1904, the Japanese fleet launched a surprise attack on the Russian naval squadron at Port Arthur. Then in March 1904 the Japanese army overran and took over Korea. Then on May 26 1904, the Japanese army cut off garrison form the main part of the Russian forces in Manchuria. The Japanese than pushed the Russians northward which caused the Russians to fall back into Mukden. In October 1904...