Cencorship of the Internet

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No one denies that the Internet is the most useful tool for research, business, and education, yet the Internet is the subject of a topic that is as controversial as the legalities of abortion or homosexual rights: ethics and the Internet. Many racy, illegal, and controversial materials are available on the Internet such as pornography and pirated software; on the other hand, many educational tools are on-line as well. This brings a need for a case of ethics in the Internet realm.

A definition of terms used regarding the Internet is necessary for the full understanding of how unethical data broadcasts itself around the Internet. The Internet is a worldwide computer network of home, organizational, corporate, and government computers. Censorship has rewritten history, removed some of the greatest novels from our schools, and is now threatening our very last hope of freedom of information and self-expression, the Internet. Now we need to save the Internet from this plague, or we will become deaf and blinded to an abundance of information and knowledge.

What types of things are being censored? "Hate sites", web pages that focus on pro-racism and clans, are one thing battling the war against censorship. A web page will not open on its own. People must want to open them. The information that is on a site like this will end up in newspapers that are focused on the topic anyway. The Internet just makes it easier to access. So what is wrong with a site like this? Pornographic material is also being banned from the Internet, and like the "hate sites" they too will not open without a person to do it. They will also be in magazines anyway.

The Internet is the only place where there is truly freedom of...