Who is the central character of The Great Gatsby, Nick or Gatsby ? Why ?

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In the story the Great Gatsby , written by F. Scott Fitzgerald , we have actually two main or central characters- Nick and Gatsby. But which one is he more important one?

Nick is a young and attractive person, who comes from a middle class business family. He is educated and intelligent . He is the person , who tells the story, so his characteristics are observing and listening. That's one reason , why he is an outsider, because he is reserved and quiet.

Then we have Gatsby, he is also young and attractive, but the difference is that he is not well educated and acts in response to a liar. In fact, he is rich and independent. He doesn't have many friends, a proof for that is that , after his death , Nick was the only person seem to take care concerning his funeral. Gatsby is a big personality in the illegal bootlegging business.

Who is the central character in the novel ? Gatsby or Nick ?

It is hard to say which character is the central figure in the novel, but you consider that Nick would fit in that role. He is the storyteller, he reflects his experiences , he had made at the East coast. The reader has to rely on him to get into the story and understand the different situations. Nick is the first person, the reader gets in contact with. He is observing and listening closely what happens around him. Through this behaviour we get a good image of how it must have looked like in a certain situation. Nick is the central character as a narrator, but not in the book.

On the other hand we have Gatsby. The name of the book is the Great Gatsby, so the reader would...