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Change is a part of life. We all grow and change. Sometimes change can be difficult, sometimes change can be easy, sometimes we embrace change, and other times we will reject it. Change can be many things, it can be small or large, it can be environmental, it can be status, it can be perceptions or attitudes, and it can be a career or cultural. Change whatever we like to think of it as is inevitable.

When I first saw the phrase 'Change is a part of life' I immediately thought of the renowned David Bowie song 'Changes'. The song first came out in 1971 and it started out as a parody in a nightclub and eventually turned into the mega hit it is today. The song is essentially a story of a man changing his life and it urges the listener to change their lives. The song's story is about a man who has accomplished his dreams and realises that its not what he really wanted.

With the lines "...I still don't know what I was waiting for" and "...a million dead-end streets" the song conveys a feeling of unhappiness about how his life has turned out. He discovers that he has been faking who he is. He realises that he has been living his life but nothing much has been happening. He can see other people like him, with the lines "...I watch the ripples change their size, but never leave the stream", and he goes on to encourage them to change.

Bowie stutters over his lines in the chorus, which gives the song not only its catchy tune but also a repetition of the idea of the song.

He also uses visual imagery to convey his story, he uses imaginative and descriptive words such as 'warm impermanence'...