Is Change Good or Bad?

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Myra Smith

Robin Thomas

English 1102

3 October 2014

Is Change Good or Bad?

Most people are not satisfied with the life that they live. However, most people are afraid of change in their life. Almost all change is good, though in the short story, "A Rose for Emily," written by William Faulkner, Miss Emily Grierson is convinced that the type of lifestyle she lived throughout her whole life is the only correct way she should live. Throughout this story, every action of Miss Emily's was a result of her resisting to change and being afraid to be alone, which ended up causing her to live a confined life.

When a younger generation moved into Jefferson, they asked Miss Emily for taxes, which made her very upset. She pitched a huge fit and claimed that Colonel Sartoris wrote her a letter that excluded her from paying taxes. When the tax collectors came to her house, Emily told them, "See Colonel Sartoris.

I have no taxes in Jefferson," however, Colonel Sartoris had been dead for teen years (Faulkner 517).

Another example of Emily being resistant to change was when the town came up with a new mail system. The townspeople created a mail system that involved house numbers on the front doors so they could establish where the mail was going. Of course Emily did not accept the new mail system because it was new and foreign to her.

In her earlier years, Miss Emily grew up standing behind her wealthy father. Her father restricted her from dating and being seen out in public with anyone of the opposite sex. When her father died, at first Emily showed no sign of sorrow because in her mind she believed that he was still alive. It was hard for Emily to...