Character Analysis of Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar

Character Analysis

Cassius' Strength's and Weaknesses

Cassius was one of the conspirators against Cesar and proves to be a powerful character in Shakespeare's, Julius Caesar. He has much strength and very few weaknesses and this helped him achieve small goals that led to his main goal of killing Caesar. One of Cassius' strengths is his ability to influence people using flattery and pressure. In Act 1, Scene 2, Cassius demonstrates this strength by influencing Brutus to think more seriously about stopping Caesar from becoming king by reasoning with him and pressuring him. In this scene, Cassius says, "...upon what meat doth this our Caesar feed, that he has grown so great...there was a Brutus once that would have brook'd the eternal devil to keep his state in Rome, as easily as a king..."

Cassius is also very cunning and clever. He uses this strength to fully convince Brutus that many Romans will him to take action against Caesar in Act 1, Scene 2.

Cassius planned to throw in Brutus' window letters that he pretended were from some Roman citizens that all urged him to stop Caesar becoming king. Cassius says, "...I will this night, in at his window throw, as if they came from several citizens...tending...that Rome holds of his name wherein obscurely Caesar's ambition shall be glanced at..."

Cassius' other strength is that he is very observant of other people. He instinctively knew that Antony was a danger to him. Cassius saw that Antony was very loyal to Caesar and would probably avenge his death on the conspirators. Cassius say, "...Mark Antony, well belov'd of Caesar...a shrewd contriver; and you know his means...let Caesar and Antony fall together..."

Cassius' main weakness is that he relies on Brutus to achieve his goal of killing Caesar. Cassius depends...