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CHARACTER ANALYSIS OF: LADY MACBETH PART I Perfection and Personhood of Women: An Introduction "Yet"¦here's a spot! Out, damn spot! Out I say!"� This is the famous line that comes to mind when people mention the name of Lady Macbeth, in one of Shakespeare's interesting tragedies, Macbeth. This is a famous line taken from a scene wherein Lady Macbeth was hallucinating and re-enacting the time when they had killed King Duncan, with a gentlewoman and a doctor as witnesses. This could also be the cause for her to commit suicide in the end; pure guilt was eating her conscious from inside that she couldn't bear it anymore! Women during and before her time were trying to attain the power their husbands had through their deception and devious manipulation. People would better understand it when the reasons of society for expecting women to be perfect are all cleared and brought out into the open.

This would probably explain what causes women to become perfectionists in the first place. This in the end would most likely find out the reasons why until today women are still expected to be perfect.

This paper is for the benefit of future researchers to better understand the Lady Macbeth's character as a woman during her time. This would contain proofs and hidden facts on how society started to expect perfection from women. It is hoped that this would be able to define the distinct and specific qualities of Lady Macbeth that makes her a perfectionist and that it would hopefully provide a clear picture on how confusion can be brought about by the want to become absolutely perfect. This would also provide the explanation on why she played a great part in the story that proves or clearly states the women are expected to be...