Character study of homer simpson.

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Character Study of Homer Simpson

This essay is about the character Homer Simpson out of the cartoon show The Simpsons. In the episode of The Simpsons we studied, Homer played a big part. The episode we watched was called Bart the Genius.

Homer and Bart have a very funny relationship, Homer and Bart are father and son but all the time Homer is strangling Bart. One example of this is when Bart confesses to Homer that he cheated on the test, I thought that Homer would have forgiven Bart but except Homer chased Bart into the house trying to kill him. Homer and Marge's relationship is very different is a normal husband and wife situation, Homer comes home from work a totally ignores Marge and sits down with a beer and watches TV. Lisa and Homer do not really have anything to do with each other because on the episode we watched all Homer's attention was on Bart.

Homer appearance is the same every day (like every other The Simpsons character!) He wears blue trousers a white shirt and black shoes. Homer is 36 and weighs between 239 and 260 lbs. As you can see in the picture and by his weight he likes his food.

Homer has many likes and dislikes. Homers likes are Duff beer, Marge, Moes, bowling and donuts. We all know that Homers one love is duff beer because that's what he's always drinking. Homers dislikes are work, spending time with kids and Ned Flanders. Homer absolutely hates Ned Flanders you know that because Homer is all calling him four eyes etc.

Homer really only has one particular hobby or intest and

that's spending time at Moes. Homer almost lives there.

Homers most famous catchphrases are Doh when upset and Mmmmmmmmmm... when tempted.