Charles Dickens' novel, Hard Times

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Charles Dickens' novel, Hard Times, is a story of two struggles--the struggle of

fact versus imagination and the struggle between two classes. It takes place in

Coketown, and industrial-age English city. The novel is divided into two sections. One

deals with the struggle of upper class members of society and their struggle to learn the

value of imagination. The other involves a working class man who is trapped by those in

that upper class who trap him in a dreary existence.

Thomas Gradgrind, the father of Louisa, Tom, and June not only stresses facts in

the classroom in which he teaches, but also at home to his family. Thomas has brought

up his children to know nothing but facts. Everything is black and white,right or wrong--

nothing in between. He discourages such fanciful motions as going to the circus or

having flowered carpet. Everyone knows, one cannot have flowered carpet.

One would

trample all over them and they would end up dying.

In Hard Times, two classes are relevant in Coketown. The upper class, which

were few in numbers, are dominant over the middle class, which is larger in numbers.

Stephen Blackpool represents the working class. He is a warm-hearted man trapped in

thes run down society. He feels he deserves this mediocre lifestyle. Blackpool was

originally employed under Bounderby, but is fired for standing up for his beliefs. This

type of behavior was totally unacceptable during the period of time as it involved

imagination and independance. Bounderby portrayed himself as a self-made man,when

in fact, he had eveything handed to him with a silver spoon. His mother gave him the

very best of everything, including a wonderful education. This demonstrates that the

upper and middle classes were not just two different classes, but two different worlds.

The book...