David Copperfield coureswork-How did Charles Dickens portray how children where treated in the 19th century?

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The character 'David Copperfield' was a boy who grew up without a father and a loving environment. For the first few years of his life he enjoyed his childhood with his helpless mother Clara and his loving maid Peggotty. Along the ages of eight and nine his mother Clara found love in a stern man Mr Murdstone who soon after they got married invited his sister to stay and rule the household. Through out his life David had many unpleasant father figures like Mr Creatle his disfigured headmaster, who apparently was good friends with David's stepfather. Having no father made David confused. "There something strange to me. He had no male role model. David felt compassion for his father.

Charles dickens wrote about children and those suffering because he felt that the poor conditions of society were being ignored for instance the exploitation of young children, prostitution, vice and squalor, the epidemics of typhus, cholera and smallpox.

Dickens writing showed the parallel from his childhood to David's childhood. Charles had no biological father and neither did David. Charles dickens felt sicken and antipathy. He was so horrified that he wrote a letter to the times saying "I was so indescribably frightful, that I felt for some time afterwards empathy for the people of London."

The protagonist's mother had no husband and had to find a father figure for her young she felt he had too many female influences and he needed to live in a protected environment. Clara copperfield was a young woman unable to take care of herself let alone her son. When her husband died six months before she gave birth to David She felt destruct. Clara used to be a servant maid before a wealthy man married her. When David was born she was...