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che guevara

On November 25, 82 men left on a yacht leaving from Mexico. Most of the men were sea sick. They soon overcame it a little. I was a stormy night when the men left Mexico. On December 2 they landed in Las Coloradas. They were spot by the coast guard and it was telegraphed it to Batista. They soon hurried off the yacht and left quickly into the swamps. Being attacked by enemy planes but no casualties. They were led by one of comrades and was led to solid ground, where they were lost. December 5 they reached a place known as Alegria del Pino. They all rest near a field of sugarcane and soon was attacked. To escape he had to choose between a backpack filled with medications and a crate of bullets. It was impossible to take them both. Che takes the crate with bullets and hurries into the sugarcane.

Che was hit in the chest and wounded in the neck and was down flat on the ground, firing into the woods. Soon a fire started and then everyone walked away from it and kept on going. 00000 With Fidel Castro to Cuba November 25: the yacht Granma leaves in a stormy night with on board 82 man from the mouth of the river Tuxpáán in Mexico. On December 2 they landed in Los Cayelos, at the East Coast. The next day the Cuban and Latin-American newspapers announced about the expedition:"......Fidel Castro, Ernesto Guevara, Raul Castro and all other members of the expedition have perished......" Their arrival is noticed and they get hunted. The group splits. On December 5 in Alegríía del Pino, Che gets ambushed. Later on he writes about this:" I''ve got wounded in my neck. I stayed alive thanks to my luck of...