Cheating in schools

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If they aren’t copying their friend’s homework, they’re writing the answers on their hand. Cheating has become more popular than ever among high school and college students. Students are feeling the pressure from their parents and teachers to make perfect grades while juggling sports, community service, and friends. Many students feel overwhelmed with homework and the standards they have to meet, so instead of just pushing through the work they get someone else to do it. Is this because students are increasingly lazy? No, teachers are not teaching the curriculum and focusing on it until the students comprehend it. Teachers are teaching and rushing through the lessons to meet the TAKS and AP test deadlines. Teachers need to teach what they feel the students should learn instead of what the students need to know to pass standardized testing.

The few students that take the time to study and get prepared are continually frustrated because they work and other students are just copying and making the same grades.

Kids will blow off their homework for friends and other social activities and cheat their way through tests and assignments and come out with a high rank that can get them into a good college. Students that actually do their work get angry and some of them give up and start cheating too.

When the parents on these students went to school their wasn’t nearly as much cheating. Most people were honest and did their own work. So why is it different? When the parents were in school they weren’t taught to pass standardized tests. Their teachers taught them so they could learn and understand the topics, not so they could cram everything in to pass the test and then forget it. The teachers that taught those parents would make sure the students...