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There are many different variations of chicken noodle soup. Some people have different opinions about what type of soup is the best. Different people feel that some characteristics of chicken noodle soup are more important than others. This impacts their decision. They may look at things such as type, brand, flavor, cost, calories, fat, protein, and sodium.

In my opinion, Campbell's Homestyle is the best. Flavor is important to me when choosing a chicken noodle soup. This soup has good chicken flavor. It has a moderate price (49 cents per serving), it's pretty low in calories (70 per serving), and it doesn't have very much fat( 3 grams per serving). The protein in Campbell's Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup is pretty low (4 grams) compared to soups such as Progresso but Progresso is almost twice the price and adds 10 calories per serving. Also, there is an average amount of sodium in this soup.

It's description states that it has "short noodles, white and dark-meat chicken, and broth with lots of chicken and a slight celery flavor" (chart). Since flavor is important to me and this soup has all of these other positive qualities, not to mention the highest rating of the fifteen chicken noodle soups tested, I feel that it is the best choice.

Chicken noodle soup comes in many varieties. There are many different ingredients that impact people's opinions of their favorite types. I chose Campbell's Homestyle as my favorite but I am also a great fan of Maruchen Ramen because I like its texture and taste. Though all these soups are tasty, some stick out for having a combination of good taste, low cost, low calories, low fat, high protein, or low sodium. For these reasons and more, Campbell's Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup is my favorite.