Child Abuse

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"Trust unto Jehovah with all thy heart, And unto thine own understanding

lean not. In all thy ways know thou Him, And He doth make straight thy

paths." (Proverbs 3:5,6, YLTHB) The statistics on physical child abuse

are alarming. Of the estimated hundreds of thousands of children battered

each year by a parent or close relative, thousands die. For those who

survive, the emotional trauma remains long after the external bruises

have healed. Communities and the courts recognize that these emotional

"hidden bruises" can be treated. Children who have been abused may

display a poor self-image, Inability to depend on, trust or love others,

Aggressive and disruptive-sometimes illegal-behavior; Passive and

withdrawn behavior; fear of entering into new relationships or activities,

School failure, Serious drug and alcohol abuse. The child and adolescent

psychiatrist is able to treat the "whole child"-medical as well as

psychological or emotional problems that have occurred as a result of the

abuse. The family can be helped to learn new ways of support and

communicating with one another. Through treatment, the abused child begins

to regain a sense of self-confidence and trust. Child abuse is a matter of

degree: the degree to which a parent uses inap-propriate or excessive

control strategies with a child and/or fails to provide standards of care

giving. In fact, abusive parents often do not know they are abusive. Our

culture has, for generations, used corporal punishment as a means of

controlling child behavior. Some parents think society places no restraint

on such techniques. Many may recall the old saying, "spare the rod and

spoil the child." It is not always clear what the limits are in efforts to

get a child to behave. The best way to stop the child abuse and stop the

abusive parents from abusing their children is by...