Child Abuse and Neglect

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Child abuse and neglect is a rising problem in America. However, numerous cases are not reported every year and they go unheard of. This causes the public to not be as informed as possible. This issue is something everyone needs to understand and deal with. Schools, teachers, families, and even society need to further educate themselves on the issue of child abuse and neglect because it has a huge impact on everyone.

Child abuse and neglect are very similar ideas. Neglect is a form of child abuse. Neglect is to give little attention or respect to, leaving unattended through carelessness. Abuse is defined as to use so as to injure or damage. Child abuse would be to injure or damage a child. Many people do not always associate them together because most people probably do not think of neglect as a form of child abuse.

When people think of child abuse, they usually are thinking of just physical abuse. This happens because physical abuse is the most common and it is easier to spot. However, this is not the only form of child abuse. Other forms of child abuse are sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect.

Physical abuse accounts for twenty-five percent of all abuse cases. It is the most recognizable and lethal causing over fifty-six of the fatalities related to abuse. Some warning signs of abuse are broken bones, unusual scars, burns, bruises, and repeated accidental injuries. Sexual abuse accounts for about six percent of abuse cases. There are no physical signs or warnings to catch this type of abuse. Usually, sexual abuse goes unreported. It is estimated that only one in ten cases are reported. Some reasons for this are the children may be too young to talk or they are confused about what happened. Also,