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This case study will evaluate several aspects of China in relation to their population and the implications that it has on its own country and the rest of the world. This analysis of China will present a brief history of China's overpopulation. World population in general will be discussed as well as a historical perspective of the probable causes will be presented. With over 200 million people living in poverty, China's economy is at the forefront of their concerns. The economy is one concern of many.

History of OverpopulationThis case study will evaluate several concerns that include the economy, energy and food depletion, and the social failures that exist. Global concerns are growing over this overpopulation and proposed resolutions will be evaluated and assessed for practicality and attainability.

China is concerned about overpopulation, but now China is moving in a new direction and that direction is Africa. In 1873, Sir Francis Galton suggested that China look at Africa as a "satellite state" to which to settle millions of Chinese people (Malone, 2008).

Galton's attitude during the 18th and 19th century was that the new population of Chinese immigrants would "tame and colonize what was then known as a Dark Continent" (Malone, 2008). Although, Galton's plans never came to fruition 100 years ago, now China is taking a good hard and what may seem as an aggressive stance on their overpopulation problem. China has begun to set up shops, homes, private schools, government agencies and exclusive neighbors which exclude the original inhabitants of Africa. The article written by Andrew Malone, suggests not only should Africa be concerned with the population of China, but those with Western influences. China's borders are at its limits by its own people the overage must be moved in order to sustain the life of those in...