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A British woman visiting China found a naked baby girl lying alongside a road in a small country town. The body was still warm; it seemed as though someone had just given birth to a daughter, and then left her to die. Passer-by either ignored the baby in the gutter or glanced at her little body before moving on. The British woman called the police but they took over three hours to arrive. In the mean time, an elderly man put the tiny body in a box and carried her away. This happened 50 years ago, or it's an urban myth right? Wrong, this woman travelled to china less than three years ago, and the photos she took, then had to smuggle out of the country, were published in an English news paper. In China, there are laws restricting the number of children you can have, and because of the views that daughters are less valuable than sons, mothers are often forced to abort or kill their baby girls or simply leave them to die on the streets, this is China 2005.

This is counted as Gendercide, but it while the Chinese government tries to cover up, it's been made a public issue as the number of girls drop and the number of boys rise, for future problems in the areas of marriage, birth rates, and overall economy

Gendercide is gender-selective mass killing basically. The term was first used by Mary Anne Warren in her 1985 book, Gendercide: The Implications of Sex Selection. Warren drew "an analogy between the concepts of genocide" and what she called "Gendercide."

Warren wrote:

"By analogy, Gendercide would be the deliberate extermination of persons of a particular sex (or gender). Other terms, such as "gynocide" and "femicide," have been used to...