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One day, I watched a movie on TV and it was terrible. A lady was an undercover investigator and she was investigating the conditions for small animals and birds in a storage area. It was always crowded and messy. Painful and difficult procedures were performed by un-educated veterinarians. I was really angry and sad to see what they do before they send it to the store. Many hurt or injured animals were sometimes thrown away. Many animals died on a daily basis. Every time I go to a pet store, I always think that the animals are treated nicely and everything is great. I never knew how these small animals were actually treated before they came. It was sad to how they were raised cruelly, housed cruelly and transported cruelly. When they transported the animals, they threw them into boxes. I saddest thing I remember was one man saying in the video that he threw a guinea pig at the wall and it still got up and started to run.

有一天,我在电视上看到了一个电影,很可怕的。一位女士她是一个卧底调查员和调查条件的小动物和鸟类在存储区域。它总是拥挤和杂乱。没有受过教育的兽医进行痛苦和困难的程序。我当时很生气和难过. 许多受伤的动物被扔掉. 每天,许多动物死亡。每一次我去一个动物店,我一直认为,用爱对待动物. 动物提出了严重, 庇护严重,和运输严重.å½“ä»–ä»¬è¿é€åŠ¨ç‰©ï¼Œä»–ä»¬æŠŠåŠ¨ç‰©æ‰”åˆ°ç®±å­ã€‚æˆ‘è®°å¾—æœ€éš¾è¿‡çš„æ—¶å€™ï¼Œæ˜¯ä¸€åç”·å­åœ¨è§†é¢‘ä¸­è¯´ï¼Œä»–æ‰”äº†ä¸€ä¸ªçš„è±šé¼ åœ¨å¢™ä¸Šï¼Œå®ƒè¿˜æ˜¯ç«™äº†èµ·æ¥ï¼Œå¼€å§‹è¿è¡Œã€‚

Yǒu yītiān, wǒ zà i dià nshì shà ng kà n dà ole yīgè dià nyǐng, hěn kě pà de. Yī wèi nǚshì tā shì yīgè wòdǐ dià ochá yuán hé dià ochá tiáojià n de xiǎo dòngwù hé niǎo lèi zà i cúnchú qūyù. Tā zǒng shì yǒngjǐ hé záluà n. Méiyǒu shòuguò jià oyù de shòuyī jìnxíng tòngkǔ hé kùnnán de chéngxù. Wǒ dāngshí hěn shēngqì hé nánguò. Xǔduō shòushāng de dòngwù bèi rēng dià o. Měi tiān, xǔduō dòngwù sǐwáng. Měi yīcì wǒ qù yīgè dòngwù dià n, wǒ yīzhí rènwéi, yòng à i duìdà i dòngwù. Dòngwù tíchūle yánzhòng, bìhù yánzhòng, hé yùnshū yánzhòng. Dāng tāmen yùnsòng dòngwù, tāmen bǎ dòngwù rēng dà o xiāngzi. Wǒ jìde zuì nánguò de shíhou, shì yī míng nánzǐ zà i shìpín zhōng shuō, tā rēngle yīgè de túnshǔ zà i qiáng shà ng,