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Pain, more than any other symptom, brings people to chiropractic doctors. Indeed, pain is the chief complaint of at least eighty percent of first-time chiropractic patients. It may be a headache, backache, shoulder ache, or an ache or pain involving any of the body's nerves, muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones or joints, as well as pain originating from internal disorders. Helping the symptom, or pain, does not necessarily mean that the overall problem is being treated. Health is defined as the overall sound condition or function of a living organism at a particular time, or freedom from disease or defect. The only way a medical doctor can help a person achieve optimal health is through surgery or by prescribing medicines to stop the ailing symptom

Chiropractors use the person's symptoms to pinpoint the problem which is producing the pain, much like a medical doctor. However, after a chiropractor is certain of the problem presented, he/she goes to the source of the pain and "uses the body, to heal the body" ("The Institute of Classic Acupuncture and Longevity Scientists").

What this means is, since it is the patient's body which is in pain, the chiropractor uses the person's, and his/her own, body to fix it. No medical supplements or surgeries are necessary, therefore, none are administered. In fact, it is illegal for a doctor of chiropractic to prescribe prescription medicine ("Chiropractic oath").

Megan, now a seventeen year-old, from western Pennsylvania was born with what medical doctors thought was one leg, two and one half centimeters longer than the other. Medical doctors discovered this and concluded that if she reached two years of age and was unable to walk, they would, literally, break the shorter leg, put it into the position so it was as long as the other, and let the bone...