Chlorine: Biography and the Dangers Related.

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Chlorine is a highly toxic, yellow-green gas. Because of its reactivity, chlorine does not exist in the free elemental state in nature, although it is widely distributed in combinations with other elements.

The atomic weight of chlorine is 35.45, and its atomic number on the periodic table is 17. Related compounds to chlorine include: chlorofluorocarbon, hydrochloric acid, perchlorciethylene, and trichlorethylene. It also has a bad smelling odor.

Chlorine was discovered in 1774 by the action of manganese dioxide on hydrochloric acid. It is made by common salt dissolved in water, which an electric current is passed through the solution to produce chlorine, sodium hydroxide, and hydrogen. A Sir Davy demonstrated that the gas was an element and he suggested the name chlorine, which means greenish yellow in Greek.

Chlorine has many uses. It is used for the manufacture of bleaching powder and liquid bleaches, used to bleach fabrics, wood pulp, and paper.

It is also in the manufacture of a wide range of chloro-organic solvents, including methylene chloride and chloroform. Some inorganic chemicals also use chlorine for the manufacturing including sulphur chloride and thionyl chloride. Other uses are for the extraction of gold from its ores, the manufacturing for disinfectants, insecticides, plastics, and hydrochloric acid. As well as disinfectant used to kill bacteria in the preparation of drinking water, and also in the manufacture of paints, aerosol propellants, and plastics.

These examples may make chlorine seem very useful, but in fact, it can be very dangerous. The widespread use of chlorine is causing serious risks to our health and the health of the environment. Organochlorines, carbons based substance containing one or more chlorine atoms, are useful because of their high reactivity rate, and are also extremely stable which means they have a long, sturdy life. Many manufacturing...