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Chomsky's propaganda model was first scene and published in the book Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of Mass Media. Chomsky and Edward Herman wrote the book together and released it in 1988, at the same time the Cold War was nearing an end, thanks to the Nuclear Forces Treaty President Regan had signed less than a year earlier. This treaty and ending of the war let the American society feel at ease as the nuclear scare was now under control. Chomsky and Herman's model of propaganda defines the mass media as propaganda, and could easily be applied to the issues that arose after the Cold War. The model educated the public to know that everything they see or read had been fixed and produced for the benefit of those who did the fixing and producing. Within the Manufacturing Consent book, Chomsky and Herman use great case studies to show the public how government and big corporations take advantage of society through the use of media.

Chomsky gives us examples such as the Vietnam War to explain to us how manipulation is used on society. Government has complete control, and through this control they sprinkle their influence throughout our society.

The title of the book Manufacturing Consent is in my opinion defining the mass media as the means in which parties can control the public. To break the title of the book down even further, the dictionary definition of manufacture is "to create", while consent is defined as "permission for something to happen or be done." The merging of these words creates the true word, which means "creating permission for something to be done". The title of the book allows the reader to recognize that the power parties are in control of manufacturing the consent. Meaning, the filters in...