Choosing a College : Michigan vs. Montana State

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In five years from now I will be a senior at Med. School. I will hopefully be attending Michigan State University (MSU) or Montana State University (MSU). I will be living off of campus with couple roommates. Ten years from now I will be twenty-six years old and will have a full time job in a hospital. I will be getting married around then and hopefully having couple kids. Twenty years from now I will be married working part time and have three kids. My husband will be making the big bucks, and my money will just be for trips, Kids College, and extra things.

Nursing is a great way to help people. It allows you to share you kindness, and your love for others. To become a nurse you have to excel in high, get a high school diploma, and go to college for around 2-4 years. There are two types of degree programs: the 4 year Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN) and the 2 year associate?s degree in nursing (ADN).

The higher level of education you have the higher you will be in the work force. There are many pluses about being a nurse. If you ever were to move you could always find a job in your new location. You can give the patients medicine and help them stop being in pain. Also as a nurse you never have a dull moment, there is always something new to do and to see. There are also some cons about being a nurse. Your salary will differ in the type of places where you work. A hospital pays more than a doctor?s office. There is never enough time to get in all the stuff that you want to. You also have to do an abundance of paper...