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Summer Reading Discussion Board Assignment--- AP Language and Composition

This assignment aligns with your reading of Upton Sinclair's The Jungle and Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser. Please follow the steps listed below to successfully complete this assignment.

1. Either log on to an already established Edmodo account or create one. If you don't have an account already, the steps are provided for you on the Edmodo website. Here is the link:

2. Once there you will want to join the AP Language and Composition group that you have been assigned to. Check your school GMail account for the code number.

3. Be sure to click on the appropriate group to start your postings. See the group listings on the left side of your Edmodo screen? Click on the correct one.

4. Now the real work begins. Read The Jungle and Fast Food Nation. For each book, you are expected to post 5 quotations with reflections (for a total of 10.)

These quotations should be about something significant in the book, and they should be accompanied by a correctly formatted MLA parenthetical citation (a good online source for MLA format is As we learn more about close reading, let these kinds of "signpost "moments guide you to significant statements in each book:

1. Contrasts and Contradictions: This occurs when the author directly or indirectly

shows you, the reader, a moment that seems to directly contrast or contradict what has been happening in the book or what the characters have been doing or how they've been acting. This kind of signpost usually signifies a change or a realization coming in the story.

2. An "A-ha Moment": When did the character realize something? You were probably

supposed to come to the same conclusion. Why is that realization significant?...