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Beauvior's book The Second Sex can be referred to as universal, in that it applies no matter what the time period is. Her theory that men are in control and women are under greater stress than men can be argued as fact. Also, just about everything in history, other than a few bold individuals who protested to get there points across, has been brought about by men, in their perspective and in no way expressing female aspiration.

Beauvior states, "But the period in which we live is a period of transition: this world which has always belong to men, is still in their hands." What she's saying is that men were the dominant figures than and still are. For example, men control the work force. They 're able to better jobs, better pay, and higher position faster. They also control government. While there are women in government men ultimately control the majority.

They also control the military. For a long time women had no rights even close to being equal to men when it came to the military. Although women have made strides in the military, turmoil is still stirred up between men and women in the field.

Women are under more stress than their male counterpart. For example, they have stress due to appearance and beauty demands. It takes women a significant amount of time to get ready to somewhere, especially in the morning. They have to take a shower, shave, do their hair, put on make up, put lotion and perfume on and figure out what they're going to wear. Men, on the other hand, get up, brush their teeth, splash water on their face and throw on the same suit they wore two days before. Nobody said women had to do these things but it's just the...