The Christian beliefs of life, including the arguments of abortion and euthanasia.

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One belief shared by all Christians about the beginning of life is that abortion is an evil and that it is always immoral at any stage of the foetus' life, even if it is within the legal 'time limit'. This means Christians believe that from the moment of conception, the foetus is a human being with rights, so it would be a sin to abort it as one of the Ten Commandments is, 'Do not murder'. Christians also use this commandment, to support their belief that euthanasia is immoral and a sin. This is also murder, as it doesn't matter if the person wants to die or not.

Another belief is that God has ultimate dominion over life, which means it is God's decision to start and end life and humans shouldn't interfere with that decision. For example, a child shouldn't be aborted because God chose to create that life, so why is it anyone else's right to end that life? As Job said, "God gave, God has taken back," 1:27.

It is the same case with someone who is near the end of their life, in pain and considering euthanasia. God has chosen to keep that person alive until now, so no one else has the right to end that life early, even if the dying person consents - "It is He who gives everything - life and death," Acts 17:25.

Another extremely important Christian belief is that human life is sacred. So another reason why Christians believe abortion and euthanasia are wrong is because it is destroying something sacred - something very precious. Life is a gift from God; so again, it isn't the place of humans to destroy it. However, as Christians believe that all human life is sacred, they also believe that a potential mother's life...