Was christopher Coloumbus a hero or villian?

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Christopher Columbus sailed towards the west in hope of finding a sea route to India. Little did he know that he would find a new world by sailing west. Christopher Columbus changed the world for ever. Columbus caused many negative changes in the world. Therefore, I think that Columbus was a villain. First, Columbus was an arrogant person. Second, Columbus started slavery in the new world. Last Columbus got rich of the Spanish peoples money.

He was not willing to listen to others. He listened to himself and thought of himself as his own boss. "He acted arbitrarily in the administration of justice" ("Columbus-Hero or Villain" Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, 13). He caused great harm to the Native Americans by exceeding "his powers in enforcing his authority" ("Columbus-Hero or Villain" Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, 13). His unwillingness to listen to others caused him to make bad decisions which ended up causing harm to the Indians.

"He selected an unhealthy and inconvenient site for the settlement of Hispaniola" ("Columbus-Hero or Villain" Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, 13). Not only did his unwillingness to others and his arrogance cause harm to the natives but also to the missionaries that worked with him. After he was removed from the colony in 1500 it was a missionaries opinion that "the colony would never be at peace if he were allowed back" ("Columbus-Hero or Villain" Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, 13).

One of the worst things Columbus did was start slavery in the new world. Slavery completely changed the Native people's lives. Columbus traded slaves to deal with the colony's supply problems. At that time it was against the Spanish law to trade and own slaves. He used slavery to make himself rich. The Natives were useful for showing the way around but they were not that good for labor because...