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I look back in my rear-view mirror only to see the blue and red lights flashing followed by the sirens of a cop car. Moral choices are the decisions you make based upon the little voices in your head telling you to do the right or wrong, the wrong leading into some serious consequences of course. Everyday I am faced with moral choices that I must overcome by choosing what is morally right to me. I live in a society where I am faced with moral choices to make all day long, and among the hardest for me would be whether or not I should smoke marijuana; is it really a drug? Marijuana, cannabis sativa, bomb bay, or just plain old bomb, pot, dank, dosia, grass, weed, and the list goes on all meaning the same thing, is a herb that is used in all countries, but is illegal in some.

This illegal herb can be taken in legally if, with a prescription. Patients that suffer from chronic headaches, arthritis, stress, allergies, are often relieved for a short term after smoking marijuana. As it being an illegal drug where I live, it doesn't stop it from getting into the hands of any teenager or adult who really wants it, a lot more than some might think.

So when that voice in my head tells me to take a hit with the friends, I must think what is the morally right thing to do and do it. So if I ever really do look in the back of my rear-view mirror and get pulled over I know I will go a free man because I will be driving sober, and not having to pay any type of consequences. After being faced with the same moral choice every day it becomes easier for me to choose what is the right thing to do and what is the wrong thing to do, although everyone has there own opinion on what is morally right and what is morally wrong according to him or her.